List of speakers at 2019 Rotary Institute in Gdańsk

Mark Daniel Maloney – Rotary International President 2019 - 2020
Mark Daniel Maloney A Rotarian since 1980, Maloney has served as an RI director; Foundation trustee and vice chair; and aide to 2003-04 RI President Jonathan Majiyagbe. He also has participated in the Council on Legislation as chair, vice chair, parliamentarian, and trainer. He was an adviser to the 2004 Osaka Convention Committee and chaired the 2014 Sydney Convention Committee. Prior to serving as a district governor, Maloney led a Group Study Exchange to Nigeria.
He also served as Future Vision Committee vice chair; regional Rotary Foundation coordinator; Foundation training institute moderator; Foundation permanent fund national adviser; member of the Peace Centers Committee; and adviser to the Foundation’s Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Schools Target Challenge Committee.

Gary C.K. Huang – Rotary Foundation Trustees Chair, Taiwan
Gary Huang  A Rotarian since 1976, he has served as vice -president, director, Foundation trustee, International Assembly group discussion leader, regional session leader, task force member and coordinator, committee member and chair, and district governor. Huang is a recipient of the Rotary International Service Above Self Award and Presidential Citation and The Rotary Foundation’s Distinguished Service Award. He is a Benefactor, Major Donor, and Paul Harris Fellow.

Lech Wałęsa – Past President of Poland
AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowsk

Lech Wałęsa Labor activist and later Polish president Lech Walesa helped form and lead communist Poland's first independent trade union, Solidarity and won a Nobel Prize.Lech Walesa was born September 29, 1943 in Popowo, Poland. He helped form and led (1980–1990) communist Poland's first independent trade union, Solidarity. The charismatic leader of milons of Polish workers, he went on to become the president of Poland (1990–1995). He received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1983. He ran for president again in 2000 but carried only a tiny fraction of the vote. 

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz Mayor of Gdansk

Fot. Anna Rezulak / KFP

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz  In 2010 and 2014 she was elected as a city councillor in Gdańsk, being a candidate of the Civic Platform party, in 2014 she became the leader of the Civic Platform club in the municipal council. From 20 March 2017 to 14 January 2019, she was deputy mayor of Gdańsk responsible for the economic policy. During the local elections in 2018, she was the campaign manager of Paweł Adamowicz (then she suspended her membership in Civic Platform, which later expired). In this election, she received re-election in the city council, being a candidate of the Committee Everything for Gdansk.

Krzysztof Głombowicz


Yinka Babalola - Rotary International Director, Nigeria
Yinka Babalola The Rotary journey as a Rotaractor in 1983. A Rotarian since 1993, Yinka is a member of the Rotary club of Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt District 9141, Nigeria. As club President in 2002-03, he won the Rotary International Global quest Award for highest percentage net membership gain worldwide and was recognized onstage at the Brisbane convention. The club with the sustained growth now has a membership of 85 and is the biggest in the district. Yinka has served Rotary as Governor, raising over a million US dollars from an area normally considered as disadvantaged and growing membership by a net gain of over 650. The district 9140 under his leadership emerged one of the Top three performing district in the world and was so recognized at the Bangkok convention. He is a recipient of the Rotary Service Above self-award – the highest recognition that can be given to a Rotarian by Rotary International. Other Rotary International recognitions include the Four avenues of service citation, Club Builder award, Regional polio service award and The Rotary foundation Citation for Meritorious service. He is also a recipient of several club and district level recognitions. Yinka, is an Arch klumph society member, and a Rotary foundation benefactor. He has attended several local Rotary seminars and conferences, Zoneand international institutes, and 20 international conventions. Yinka is married to Precy and the union is blessed with children.

Basil Kerski – Director of European Solidarity Center
Basil Kerski is the director of the European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk and since 1998 an editor-in-chief of the bilingual Polish-German journal DIALOG, and a contributor to Przeglad Polityczny [Political Review]. He grew up in Poland, Iraq and West Germany. He studied political science and Slavic studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. Mr Kerski worked as an expert in international politics for the Aspen Institute Berlin, the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), the Social Science Research Centre (WZB) in Berlin, and the Bundestag. Mr Kerski received many awards and distinctions: The Gold Cross of Merit of the Republic of Poland, Knight of the Order of the Lion of Finland, the Silver Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis.

  Barbara Pawlisz PDG / COL

Claudia Hendry – Past District Governor, Switzerland
Claudia Hendry,  A Rotarian Since 2002 (Founding-) Member of Rotary Club Ufenau, D2000, Switzerland. 2007/2008 Club President, 2010/2012 Assistant Governor, 2013/2014 District Governor, 2015/2019 District Membership Chair, since 2014 Co-Moderator and Co-Speaker at RYLA, since 2016 President’s Representative in Pforzheim (D), Aachen (D), Kristianstad (S), Swisttal (D). Speaker at GETS  Nuremberg 2018, Training Leader and Speaker at IA2019 in San Diego.

Ebru Ekerman
Ebru Ekerman works at the World Health Organization (WHO), as a part of the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) team. Her work focuses on strategic planning and policy development to increase the impact of immunization operations and delivery at the country level, including intersections between the polio eradication and immunization programmes. As a part of this role, Ebru has recently led and/or supported the development of a number of strategic initiatives, such as “The 2019-23 Endgame Strategy” of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, the “Strategic Action Plan on Polio Transition” adopted by the World Health Assembly in May 2018, as well as the post-2020 Immunization Strategy, which will guide the global immunization vision for the next decade. Prior to joining the WHO EPI team, Ebru worked on political advocacy with polio endemic, outbreak and high-risk countries in the WHO’s Polio Eradication Department.

Rina Sture Kristensen
PDG D-1470 Rina Sture Kristensen has been active in the work with and promotion of Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) since 2011. She is representing RLI in our 2 zones, she has been training trainers most of the districts and she is a dedicated spokesperson for the learning and inspirational aspect of the RLI concept

Magda Pawlisz, Rotary alumn, Poland
Magdalena Pawlisz initiated her professional career as a musician after a short-term Rotary Youth Exchange, which she did in 2008. This 3-week-programme for young musicians, who played together in an orchestra and performed concerts in San Diego, California made her decide to study music. After obtaining bachelor’s degree in violin, she studied conducting in Academy of Music in Krakow and University of Arts Berlin. At present she is pursuing her Doctor of Arts in Conducting dissertation studies at the Academy of Music in Krakow.         
Her professional career is also influenced by Rotary. In 2018 she did a 3-month-internship as an assistant-conductor at the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg within  Rotary New Generation Service Exchange (NGSE), a program that helps young professionals get into their profession. In 2017 she recorded an album Joy of Giving – Artists for Rotary and performed during the District Conference in Inowrocław and also during Seminar for UNESCO Historic Cities organised by RC Zamosc Ordynacki in 2019.
Magdalena Pawlisz is a finalist of the 1st Conducting Competition in Esposende (2015) and a semi-finalist of 8th Competition for Opera Conductors in Orvieto (2018).



Alex Youlten
Alex Youlten has been with ShelterBox since February 2014.  After university she served in the British Army for sixteen years.  Her roles in the Army included Operations, Training, Human Resources and Sub-Unit Command. This included a tour in Kosovo as the Liaison Officer between the local community, NGOs, UN agencies and the Military. During this time, she saw the impact, both positive and negative, that aid agencies can have on local populations affected by disaster.  Now she is the Rotary Partnership Manager at ShelterBox and lives in Falmouth in Cornwall, England. Alex is a proud member of the Rotary Club of Cober Valley, Helston.

Prof. dr. Frans Nollet
Prof. dr. Frans Nollet studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam and graduated as medical doctor in 1985. After finishing his specialization in rehabilitation medicine in 1994, he obtained his PhD in 2002 on his thesis ‘Perceived Health and Physical Performance in Post‐Polio Syndrome’.
Since 2003, Frans is professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Amsterdam UMC (the merger of AMC and VUmc), head of the department of Rehabilitation at the AMC, and educator for the training of PRM residents. In 2006 he was appointed as AMC Principal Investigator. Since 2015 he also is director of MOVE research institute Amsterdam, which was per 2017 succeeded by Amsterdam Movement Sciences research institute, in which researchers on movement from the VU Faculty Behavioral and Movement Sciences, VUmc, AMC and ACTA (dentistry) participate.
His main research interest is in neuromuscular diseases, especially post‐polio syndrome. His research ranges from prognostic studies to a broad range of therapeutically interventions studies with specific emphasis on exercise and orthotic devices.
Frans published over 150 indexed peer reviewed papers of which 50 on post‐polio syndrome. For his polio research he received the Danish PTU Research Award in 2011. In 2016 he received the VRA-Ipsen innovation award for patient care.

Personal information
Born 13-1-1958, Amsterdam (impossible to live outside this beautiful city).
Divorced, 3 children (Nina 32, Jef 28, Edgar 26).
Hobbies: road cycling, speed skating.

Rotary activities
Member of Rotary Club Amsterdam Westertoren since 2013 (district 1580).
Presented on post-polio syndrome for NSRI 2012 Amsterdam and Regional RF seminar 2019 in Antwerp.
Co-organised a theatre event on polio vaccination and post-polio, 2018 in Amersfoort, initiated by End Polio Now Committee of Rotary The Netherlands.
Organised 2 international scientific Polio Congresses which were partly supported by Rotary in 2011 (Copenhagen) and 2014 (Amsterdam).
Participated in NID Moradabad, India 2014.


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