2019 Rotary Institute in Gdańsk

"Believe in the power of Rotary"


Friday, 27 September
12:30 – 13:30    Lunch – buffet at hotel restaurant
13:30 – 14:00    Moving to the European Solidarity Centre (ECS)
14:00 – 14:10    Entertainment


                            Call to order, opening remarks                                
                            Presider IPDG Łukasz Grochowski
                            Welcome to the Institute and presentation of the guests  
                            Rotary International Director Piotr Wygnanczuk  
                            Flag ceremony, anthems: Polish and Rotary                       
                            Welcome to the City of Freedom                            
                            Lech Wałęsa, Peace Noble Prize Winner 
                            Welcome to Gdańsk                                     
                            Mayor of Gdańsk City  Aleksandra Dulkiewicz
                            Rotary Connects the World                         
                            Rotary International President Mark Maloney
                            The development of Rotary in Poland                     
                            DG Małgorza Wojtas 

15:30 – 16:00    Coffe break
                            Call to order - moderator                              
                             Polish Way to Freedom                                
                             Basil Kerski, ECS Director
                             Visit to the ECS museum                                          

17:30 – 18:30    Concert of  classical music led by Magdalena Pawlisz                                                                       
18.30 – 21.00    Dinner
21:00                   Transfer to the hotel

Saturday, 28 September
07:30 – 08:30     Early bird meeting – Learn more about Rotary Leadership Institute
                               PDG Rina Sture Kristensen

09:15 – 15:00      Spouse Program

09:00 – 09:15      Entertainment

09:15 – 10:30       THIRD PLENARY SESSION
                               (Room name in here)
                                Announcements and call to order – Presider                     
                                Why Rotary Foundation?                                           
                                Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair  Gary C.K.Huang                       
                                My life with polio                                         
                                Janina Ochojska, Polio Surviver, Chair of the Polish Humanitarian Action (PHA)                
                                Post-Polio Syndrome: the 2nd epidemic of polio.                                       
                                Prof. Frans Nollet
                               When My Rotary Story changed my life                                 
                                Former scholar Magdalena Pawlisz, Poland
10:30 – 11:15        Coffee break – Visit to The House of Friendship

11:15 – 12:30        FOURTH PLENARY SESSION

                               Call to order
                               Looking towards and beyond polio eradication                    
Ebru Ekerman- World Health Organization  

                              Membership development at Rotary in the 21st century   
                               Claudia Hendry, Switzerland            
                               Rotary to be evolutionary and sometimes revolutionary   
                               Rotary International Director Inka Babalola, Nigeria
                               What do young Rotarians think about our organization          
                               PDG Gowri Rajan, Sri Lanka
12:30 – 13:30     Lunch – preparing for the Rotary parade
13:30 – 14:30     Rotary parade along Dluga street

14:30 – 15:30     FIFTH PLENARY SESSION
                              Call to order                                       
                              Why is your support to The Rotary Foundation so important?      
                              RF Trustee Chair Gary C.K.Huang  
                              RI Strategic plan up-date                             
                              General Secretary John Hewko                                                             
                              Open Forum                                     
                              Rotary International President Mark Maloney
                             Rotary International Vice President Yinka Babalola
                             Rotary International Trustee Chair Gary C.K.Huang
                             Rotary International General Secretary John Hewko
                             Rotary International Director Piotr Wygnanczuk
15:30 – 16:00     Coffee break – Visit The House of Friendship, networking

16:00 – 17:00     SIXTH PLENARY SESSION
                               Call to order                                        
                               Rotary Leadership Institute as leadership school for Rotarians                                            
                               PDG Rina Sture Kristensen     
                               RYLA as leadership school for young professionals
                              RYLA participants team                     
                              International humanitarian project                          
                           Presenter to be given
                           Intercountry Committies connect Rotarians with communities
                           Presenter to be given                                           
                                End of the day and introduction to the evening         

18:30 –                 GALA DINNER
                               (Entertainment and dinner/dance music)

Sunday 29 September 
09:00 - 09:15     Morning prelude in the Auditorium

                             (Room name in here)
                             Announcements and call to order                           
                             Presider Łukasz Grochowski                
                            Major address from
                            General Secretary John Hewko                       
                             Presentation of the five years forecast (video)                   
                             RI Treasurer David Stoval 
                             Regional Membership Plan Zones 15 and 16                      
                             Suzan Stenberg, Rotary Zone Coordinator Zone 15  
                            Lena Mjerskaug, Rotary Zone Coordinator Zone 16
                             My Rotary moment                                      
                             Lithuanian TRF peace scholar Arnoldas Pranckevicius

10:30 – 11:00    Coffee Break  - Visit The House of Friendship

11:00 – 12:00    EIGHT PLENARY SESSION
                             (Room name in here)
                             Call to order
                             Report from the seminars/messages to the board             
                             GETS seminar Suzan Stenberg
                            DGN seminar Lena Mjerskaug
                            Membership RC Erik Stenstrom
                            Rotary Foundation RRFC Bjorn Aas
                            Public Image RPIC Johanna Taikilainen
                             Promotion of 2020 Convention in Honolulu            
                             PDG Lena Mjerskaug, Promotion Committee Member 
                             Promotion of 2020 Rotary Institute in ???              
                             HOC Chair ???
                             Closing remarks                                           
                             Rotary International President Mark Maloney
                             Farewell and safe travel                                                      
                             Rotary International Director Piotr Wygnanczuk

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