It is time to say goodbye

Dear President Mark, Dear Gay,
Dear Fellow Rotarians
It is time to say goodbye and close 2019 Rotary Institute for Zones 17&18 in Gdańsk.
I would like to express my gratitude to the Rotary International President Mark Maloney for motivated speaches during the Institute and during all seminars.
Special thanks to all other speakers who accepted my invitation. They came from various countries and continents, they touched very interesting subjects and I am fully convinced that they inspired all of us with new ideas.
My warm thanks to all trainers of GETS and remaining seminars.
Special thanks to all members of the Host Organizing Committee, very special thanks to the Committee Chair Barbara Pawlisz, Vice Chair Szymon Faliszewski and to the Treasurer Berndt Haverberg.
Special thanks to all Rotaractos who were all the time with us including dancing floor.
My warm thanks to all Rotarians participating in the institute and in all seminars. I got from you lots of positive comments about all events.
At the end to show the power of Rotary and specifically youth exchange program I would like to tell you a true story. May be some of you heard it before so I am sorry for them. We have with my wife only one son but fortunately for us he was more effective than we and thanks to him we got 3 grand children. Two of them participated in the Rotary long term youth exchange. The oldest grand son Michal was 13 years ago in Mexico, younger grand daughter Ola was 3 years ago in France and when she returned home during welcome party she was telling about her stay in very enthusiastic way. Suddenly her younger brother Kajetan made a very serious comment: “I do not like to participate in the Rotary youth exchange program but it seems that I have to”. It means that this young boy was inspired by his older sister and he changed his mind. It is the real power of Rotary.
I propose to leave Gdańsk with combined theme in mind: Believe in the power of Rotary because it connects the World.
Thank you !!! Enjoy your trip home.

Piotr Wygnańczuk
Institute Convener